The Evolution of Account Creation on NEAR Protocol: A New User’s Guide

Anton Ioffe - March 27th 2024 - 6 minutes read

Embark on a journey through the evolving landscape of NEAR Protocol, where the fusion of innovation and user-centric design unfolds the future of blockchain technology right before your eyes. From its unique account structure that prioritizes simplicity and security to the latest advancements in account creation, this guide offers an indispensable look into making your mark on the NEAR ecosystem. Whether you're new to blockchain or looking to deepen your understanding, the following sections will navigate you through the essentials of setting up your NEAR account, ensuring a smooth and secure entry into this burgeoning digital frontier. Join us as we unveil the steps, tips, and practices crucial for anyone looking to become a part of the NEAR Protocol's expansive world.

Understanding NEAR Protocol and Account Structure

NEAR Protocol operates on a unique blockchain infrastructure that stands out for its approach to account management. Unlike traditional blockchain systems that rely on alphanumeric wallet addresses, NEAR adopts a more user-friendly model by allowing accounts to have human-readable names. This innovative feature not only simplifies the user experience but also facilitates easier transactions and interactions within the network. Each account name on NEAR follows a hierarchical structure similar to internet domain names, enhancing its navigability and organization.

The hierarchical nature of NEAR accounts is designed to support a subaccount architecture. Essentially, this allows a main account to create and manage multiple subaccounts beneath it. This architecture offers a myriad of benefits including improved account organization, streamlined management of digital assets, and enhanced security protocols. For instance, a developer or organization can have a primary account and create separate subaccounts for different projects or purposes, all under the umbrella of the main account. This not only keeps activities compartmentalized but also secures them individually, reducing the risk of systemic breaches.

Furthermore, the employment of human-readable names in NEAR’s account structure is a significant step forward in making blockchain technology more accessible to a broader audience. This aspect eliminates the intimidating barrier of complex addresses, fostering a more inclusive environment for both new and experienced users. The strategic combination of a hierarchical framework with user-friendly account names significantly elevates the overall security and usability of the NEAR Protocol, setting a precedent for future blockchain innovations. This architectural choice not only streamlines user interaction within the ecosystem but also fundamentally enhances the network's security posture by enabling more intuitive management of permissions and roles across different account levels.

The Evolution of Account Creation Process on NEAR

The evolution of the account creation process on NEAR Protocol has been significantly user-centric, aiming to simplify access to blockchain technology for a wider audience. Initially, the process required users to have a technical background or at least a strong understanding of how blockchain works, which posed a barrier to entry for many. Over time, recognizing the need to lower these barriers, NEAR introduced more intuitive methods for account creation. This transition marked a pivotal moment in making blockchain technology more accessible to non-technical users, focusing on straightforward interfaces and processes that require minimal blockchain knowledge.

Major updates to the account creation process were driven by feedback from the growing NEAR community and an overarching goal to democratize access to blockchain applications. These updates included the introduction of web-based interfaces that guide users step by step through the account creation process, eliminating the need for command-line interactions. The rationale was to create a frictionless experience that resembled signing up for a conventional web service. These improvements were not just about aesthetics; they were critical in abstracting the complexities of blockchain, thereby reducing hesitation among potential users unfamiliar with the technology.

The current state of account creation on NEAR is a testament to the protocol's commitment to user accessibility and convenience. Besides the simplified web interface, additional features such as social media logins and recovery options have been integrated, further lowering the entry threshold. These changes reflect an understanding that for blockchain to reach mainstream adoption, the technology must be as easy and familiar to use as traditional online services. The evolution from a technically demanding process to one that is user-friendly mirrors NEAR's broader mission of fostering an inclusive and diverse blockchain ecosystem.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your NEAR Account

To begin creating your NEAR account, first navigate to the official NEAR wallet website. Here, you'll find the option to "Create Account." Clicking on this will prompt you to choose how you'd like to proceed. For new users, the most straightforward path is using an email address or a mobile number. This step is crucial as it ties your account to a recovery method right from the start. After selecting your preferred method, you'll be asked to verify your email or phone number through a verification code sent to the chosen medium. Inputting this code correctly will take you to the next stage of account creation.

Once your email or phone has been verified, the next step involves setting up a strong password for your account. It is recommended to create a unique password that isn't reused on other platforms to ensure the security of your account. Following the password setup, you will be presented with the opportunity to choose your account name. Unlike traditional blockchain platforms that use alphanumeric strings, NEAR allows for custom, human-readable account names. This is your chance to pick a name that not only is easy to remember but also represents you or your brand on the NEAR protocol. Keep in mind that once an account name is chosen, it cannot be changed later.

The final step in creating your NEAR account involves funding it. Due to the nature of blockchain, creating an account on NEAR requires a minimal amount of NEAR tokens to cover the account creation fee. This step aims to prevent spam accounts on the network. If you don't already own NEAR tokens, there are instructions provided on how to purchase them directly through the setup process. Once your account is funded, the creation process is complete, and you are now ready to explore the NEAR ecosystem with your new account. Remember, the account name you've chosen and the security practices you establish are key to maintaining safe and enjoyable experiences on the NEAR protocol.

Security Measures and Best Practices

NEAR Protocol incorporates robust security measures to safeguard your digital assets, emphasizing the importance of utilizing its built-in features to their fullest. Key among these features are the recovery methods and permission keys that offer both flexibility and security for account management. Recovery methods enable users to regain access to their accounts in the event of lost credentials, acting as a critical safety net. Meanwhile, permission keys allow account holders to manage access levels within their account, effectively limiting the potential damage in case of unauthorized access. Utilizing these features provides a strong foundation for securing your NEAR account.

Beyond the built-in security features, adopting additional best practices can significantly enhance the security of your NEAR account. For starters, enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that account access requires more than just the knowledge of a password. Furthermore, being vigilant about where and how your recovery phrases and private keys are stored is paramount. Opting for secure, offline storage solutions can prevent unauthorized access to these critical components. Users should also regularly audit their account's activity and permissions, revoking any unnecessary permissions that may pose a potential security risk.

Lastly, the principle of least privilege should guide how access is managed within your NEAR account. Granting minimum necessary permissions for each user or application limits the potential impact of a compromised account. Additionally, staying informed about the latest security threats and updates within the NEAR ecosystem can help preemptively protect your assets against emerging vulnerabilities. By combining NEAR Protocol’s built-in security features with these additional best practices, users can create a robust security posture that safeguards against most digital threats.


The article explores the evolution of account creation on NEAR Protocol, a blockchain platform. The protocol's user-friendly account structure, featuring human-readable names and hierarchical organization, enhances usability and security. The article discusses the simplified and intuitive account creation process, emphasizing the protocol's commitment to accessibility. It provides a step-by-step guide for creating a NEAR account and highlights security measures and best practices to protect users' digital assets. Overall, NEAR Protocol's innovative approach to account creation sets a precedent for future blockchain innovations, making blockchain technology more accessible and secure for all users.