Islamic Coin cryptocurrency (ISLM) - how to buy, mine, and use it?

Anton Ioffe - February 1st 2024 - 7 minutes read

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, a unique and ethically grounded contender is capturing the attention of the global Muslim community: Islamic Coin (ISLM). This comprehensive guide delves into the heart of ISLM, exploring its Shariah-compliant foundations on the HAQQ blockchain, and offering practical insights into how to buy, mine, and optimally utilize this groundbreaking digital currency. From facilitating interest-free transactions to empowering charitable deeds and investments in halal projects, ISLM stands at the cusp of integrating Islamic financial principles with the innovative potential of blockchain technology. Whether you're looking to partake in the eco-friendly mining process, secure and store your digital assets, or explore the myriad uses of ISLM in the Islamic financial landscape, this article promises to unlock a world where faith meets finance in the digital age. Join us as we navigate the promising sphere of ISLM coin, a path shimmering with moral integrity and economic opportunity.

Understanding Islamic Coin (ISLM) and Shariah Compliance

Islamic Coin (ISLM) distinguishes itself by being firmly rooted in the HAQQ blockchain, engineered meticulously to ensure adherence to the principles of Shariah law, marking a significant step forward in crafting a semblance of harmony between the age-old customs of Islamic finance and the groundbreaking realm of blockchain technology. The foundational pillars of ISLM revolve around its Shariah compliance, which mandates the backing of all transactions by tangible assets, the prohibition of transactions accruing interest, and strict adherence to ethical investment guidelines ensuring that all dealings are conducted in a manner that is not only profitable but also morally upright and beneficial to society at large. This framework establishes ISLM not just as a cryptocurrency but as a beacon of moral and financial rectitude, aiming to sculpt a financial universe that is accessible, fair, and in complete harmony with Islamic law.

At the heart of ISLM's Shariah-compliant status lies its innovative approach to financial transactions and governance systems. By forbidding Riba (interest) in any form, the cryptocurrency assures that all investments and savings are nurtured in an interest-free environment, thereby aligning with one of the most fundamental aspects of Islamic finance. Additionally, Islamic Coin emphasizes investments that are ethical and socially responsible, backing projects that promise to foster societal growth without compromising Islamic values. These attributes play a crucial role in categorizing ISLM as a vehicle for halal investments, assuring users that their capital is being deployed in manners that are not only beneficial but also conform to their religious convictions.

Furthermore, the imperative of Islamic Coin to integrate Islamic finance with the technological advancements of the blockchain presents a unique proposition, underpinning its mission to pave the way for a moral and financially inclusive ecosystem. By leveraging blockchain technology, ISLM promises enhanced transparency, security, and efficiency in transactions, ensuring that the global Muslim community can access financial services that are in strict compliance with Islamic ethics. This harmonious blend of tradition with innovation offers the potential to revolutionize Islamic finance, propelling it into the digital age while maintaining its core ethical principles, and providing a financial tool that resonates deeply with the values of its users.

How to Buy, Store, and Secure ISLM

To purchase ISLM, investors should start by identifying exchanges that list the ISLM token and ensure these platforms comply with Shariah principles. As ISLM is developed with the specific needs of the Muslim community in mind, it is crucial to engage with platforms that respect these values. Once a compatible exchange is located, such as LBank which has been confirmed to list ISLM, users must create an account, complete any required verification processes, and then deposit funds. These funds can be in the form of fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies, depending on the exchange's policies. Following this, investors can navigate to the ISLM trading pair of their choice and execute a buy order according to their investment strategy, either at market price for immediate purchase or set a limit order to buy at a specific price.

After acquiring ISLM tokens, the next step involves securely storing them, and this is where the HAQQ Wallet comes into play. Engineered for handling ISLM in a Shariah-compliant manner, the HAQQ Wallet provides users with full control over their private keys – a critical feature for maintaining security and sovereignty over one's digital assets. The wallet boasts an intuitive interface, making it accessible for beginners without compromising on features that appeal to more experienced users. Moreover, HAQQ Wallet’s compatibility with various hardware wallets adds an extra layer of security for users looking to safeguard their ISLM tokens from potential online threats. Being available on both mobile and desktop platforms as well as on Google Play and the App Store, HAQQ Wallet ensures that users have a convenient and flexible tool for managing their ISLM holdings.

Ensuring the security of ISLM holdings is paramount, and users are encouraged to adhere to best practices for digital asset safety. This includes creating robust, unique passwords for wallet access, enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) where available, and regularly updating software to protect against vulnerabilities. For those seeking the highest level of security, transferring ISLM tokens to a hardware wallet offers an effective solution, as it keeps the private keys offline, away from the reach of online hackers. Awareness and vigilance in monitoring transactions and wallet activity also play a crucial role in preempting unauthorized access. By following these guidelines, investors can confidently secure their ISLM holdings and participate in the ethical, Shariah-compliant ecosystem that Islamic Coin promotes.

Mining ISLM: Participation in the Network

Mining ISLM on the HAQQ blockchain leverages a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, distinct from the energy-intensive Proof-of-Work systems used by some other cryptocurrencies. In this model, individuals participate in the network's operations, such as transaction validation and security enhancement, by staking their own ISLM tokens as a form of collateral. This process is inherently eco-friendlier, aligning with the ethical considerations important in Islamic finance, primarily by considerably reducing the network's energy consumption. This efficient and responsible approach to mining ensures that the HAQQ blockchain remains sustainable and accessible, holding true to the principles of stewardship and care for the environment.

Staking ISLM tokens not only contributes to the network's security and efficiency but also enables token holders to earn rewards. These rewards are generated from transaction fees and are distributed to those who have staked their tokens to support the network operations. Importantly, the rewards mechanism is designed to be in compliance with Shariah law, ensuring that earnings do not constitute Riba (interest). This adherence to Islamic principles makes participating in the network an attractive proposition for Muslims who wish to engage with the digital economy while staying true to their ethical and religious beliefs.

The process of staking ISLM for network participation underscores an innovative union of modern blockchain technology with traditional Islamic values. By offering a way to support the network's integrity and security without contravening the prohibitions of Riba, the HAQQ blockchain provides a platform for inclusive financial engagement. Participants not only stand to gain from potential rewards but also contribute to a larger vision of a sustainable, ethical financial ecosystem that respects the tenets of Islamic finance. This dual benefit solidifies ISLM's position as a viable and morally aligned choice for Muslims looking to delve into the world of cryptocurrency.

Utilizing ISLM: Beyond Transactions

Within the HAQQ ecosystem, the use of ISLM transcends typical transactional purposes, venturing into realms of socio-economic enrichment and adherence to Islamic financial principles. By facilitating interest-free loans, ISLM stands as a pivotal tool in granting Muslims access to necessary funds without compromising their religious and ethical beliefs. This unique feature not only reinforces the principles of equity and justice inherent in Islamic finance but also encourages financial inclusivity. Furthermore, ISLM directly supports charitable acts through Zakat, allowing users to easily fulfill their almsgiving obligations. These features are instrumental in spreading wealth within the community, ensuring that economic growth benefits the wider society, not just the affluent.

In addition to its role in personal finance, ISLM is poised to revolutionize how investments in halal projects are made. By offering a platform for Muslims to invest their capital in projects that are compliant with Sharia principles, it bridges a significant gap in traditional Islamic banking. This not only opens up new avenues for ethical investments but also provides the Muslim community with opportunities to contribute to and benefit from the global Islamic economy. The potential for ISLM to drive further innovation in Shariah-compliant financial solutions is immense, reaffirming its significance beyond a mere digital currency.

Looking towards the future, ISLM envisages a global Islamic economy fueled by ethical, Sharia-compliant, and technologically driven financial tools. It aims to empower Muslims across the globe with a decentralized financial system that reflects their values and supports economic activities within the framework of Islamic law. The aspirations for ISLM extend to making significant impacts in areas such as poverty reduction, educational advancements, and infrastructural development within Muslim communities. Through continued innovation and adherence to Islamic financial ethics, ISLM is set to broaden its influence, ushering in a new era of financial freedom and prosperity for Muslims worldwide.


Islamic Coin (ISLM) is a Shariah-compliant cryptocurrency built on the HAQQ blockchain, aiming to integrate Islamic financial principles with the innovative potential of blockchain technology. The article explores the foundations of ISLM, including its adherence to ethical investment guidelines and prohibition of interest, as well as practical insights on buying, mining, and utilizing the cryptocurrency. It highlights the importance of finding Shariah-compliant exchanges, securing ISLM tokens with the HAQQ Wallet, and participating in mining through a Proof-of-Stake model. The article also emphasizes ISLM's role in facilitating interest-free loans and supporting charitable acts, while envisioning a future where ISLM drives innovation in the global Islamic economy.