Openfabric AI cryptocurrency (OFN) - how to buy, mine, and use it?

Anton Ioffe - January 31st 2024 - 6 minutes read

In an era where the confluence of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain is reshaping the technological landscape, Openfabric AI emerges as a pioneering platform, setting a new paradigm for the democratization of AI technologies. This comprehensive guide invites you into the intriguing world of Openfabric AI, unveiling how its native cryptocurrency, OFN, is not just a digital asset but the linchpin of an evolving ecosystem that promises to revolutionize both AI accessibility and the concept of computational contribution. Through a detailed journey from acquiring OFN tokens, engaging in an environmentally-conscious mining process, to unlocking the multifaceted utilities of OFN within the AI domain, this article aims to equip you with the insights needed to navigate and thrive in the groundbreaking nexus of AI and blockchain technology. Prepare to delve into the realms of Openfabric AI, where the future of AI development and blockchain utility unfolds.

Unveiling Openfabric AI: The Gateway to Blockchain-Based Artificial Intelligence

Openfabric AI emerges as a groundbreaking decentralized platform, ingeniously leveraging blockchain technology to democratize the field of artificial intelligence (AI). At its core, Openfabric AI aspires to unlock the full potential of AI technologies by providing an ecosystem that is not only accessible but also open and auditable. This initiative seeks to bridge the existing gap between advanced AI capabilities and the myriad of potential users and developers, effectively commoditizing access to AI. Through this, Openfabric AI positions itself as a catalyst for innovation, enabling both the private and public sectors to tap into sophisticated AI services with ease and reliability.

Central to the Openfabric AI ecosystem is its native cryptocurrency, OFN, designed to serve as the backbone for transactions within the platform. The significance of OFN transcends simple monetary value; it embodies a versatile tool for facilitating a seamless exchange of computational resources, essential for AI development and deployment. By integrating OFN within its framework, Openfabric AI ensures that users can access AI solutions and contribute computational resources in a transparent, efficient, and scalable manner. This intrinsic utility of OFN not only underpins the economic model of Openfabric AI but also enhances the platform's overall value proposition by offering participants a tangible stake in the ecosystem's growth and governance.

Moreover, Openfabric AI introduces a novel approach to AI development by fostering a community-driven innovation engine. Through the collective intelligence of its user base, the platform encourages the sharing of ideas, resources, and solutions, thus amplifying the reach and impact of AI technologies. This ethos of collaboration and openness is further supported by OFN, which plays a pivotal role in enabling computational resource sharing among participants. By streamlining the process of accessing and deploying AI services, Openfabric AI and its native cryptocurrency, OFN, stand at the forefront of a transformative movement, reshaping the landscape of artificial intelligence through the power of blockchain technology.

The Acquisition Path: How to Buy OFN Tokens

Purchasing OFN tokens involves initially selecting a cryptocurrency exchange that lists OFN. Given the token's affiliation with the Binance Smart Chain Network, it is advisable to opt for exchanges that support this network for ease of transaction and to ensure compatibility. Once an appropriate exchange is identified, the next crucial step is setting up a digital wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC) tokens. This digital wallet will not only facilitate the transaction but also serve as a storage solution for the acquired OFN tokens. Ensuring the security of your digital wallet by safeguarding your private keys or seed phrases is paramount to prevent unauthorized access to your assets.

Executing a transaction to buy OFN tokens requires transferring funds to your digital wallet, likely in a cryptocurrency that is commonly accepted on the exchange, such as Binance Coin (BNB) or Ethereum (ETH). Following the fund transfer, navigate through the exchange's platform to locate OFN, and proceed to execute the purchase at the prevailing market price or through a limit order that allows you to set a purchase price. It's essential to review the transaction details, including any associated fees, to ensure the accuracy of the order before final confirmation.

Once the transaction is completed, the acquired OFN tokens will be credited to your exchange account. It is highly recommended to transfer your OFN tokens from the exchange to your previously set-up digital wallet for safer long-term storage. Exchanges, while convenient for trading, may present risks such as hacking or operational issues, making self-custody a preferable option for securing your digital assets. Regularly monitoring the status of your digital wallet and staying informed about security practices will further enhance the safety of your OFN holdings.

Contributing to Innovation: Mining OFN through Proof of Useful Work

Traditional cryptocurrency mining mechanisms like Proof of Work (PoW) have long been criticized for their environmental toll and inefficiency. The brute-force approach of solving complex mathematical problems does not only consume massive amounts of electrical energy but also contributes little beyond securing the network and minting new coins. In stark contrast, Openfabric introduces the Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) which repurposes this computational exertion towards something beneficial: the development and training of AI algorithms. By integrating AI research needs with blockchain technology, Openfabric not only enhances the practical utility of the computational work done by miners but also significantly reduces the ecological footprint traditionally associated with cryptocurrency mining.

The mining setup for Openfabric's OFN token through PoUW deviates from conventional methods by engaging miners in tasks that contribute directly to artificial intelligence advancements. Miners lend their spare computational resources to train AI models, thus becoming an integral part of the AI ecosystem's backbone. The rewards system is structured to recognize and incentivize this useful contribution, offering miners a stake in the development of cutting-edge technology in addition to the conventional benefits of mining rewards. Such an approach not only fosters a more sustainable mining environment but also adds a layer of intrinsic value to the mining process by directly supporting AI research and development.

This innovative approach has resonant implications for both the AI and blockchain communities. For the AI sector, it means access to a much broader base of computational resources, democratizing the AI development process and potentially accelerating innovation. For the blockchain community, it represents a step towards remedying the often-criticized energy-intensive models of cryptocurrency mining, setting a precedent for future projects to contribute positively to global tech advancement. Through the Proof of Useful Work, Openfabric is setting a new standard for how the crypto mining process can be harnessed for beneficial, real-world applications beyond just securing a blockchain or generating new tokens.

Maximizing Utility: Innovative Uses of OFN in the AI Ecosystem

The Openfabric AI ecosystem leverages its native token, OFN, to drive a multitude of innovative uses, cementing its position as a foundational asset within the AI and blockchain intersection. OFN tokens play a crucial role in facilitating smooth transactions across the platform, allowing users to access and deploy AI services with ease. This fluid exchange mechanism not only incentivizes the utilization of AI technologies but also ensures that the transactional backbone of the ecosystem is both efficient and secure. By employing OFN as the primary medium for commerce within the ecosystem, Openfabric underscores the token's intrinsic value to both service consumers and AI innovators.

Moreover, OFN tokens serve as a vital incentive mechanism, rewarding users who contribute computational resources to the platform. This system harmonizes with the core principle of blockchain by rewarding participation and contribution, thereby fostering an environment of growth and continuous development within the AI sector. This has the dual benefit of encouraging the expansion of the AI network while also ensuring that contributors receive tangible rewards for their inputs. Thus, OFN tokens not only facilitate access and transactions but also drive the community's engagement and contributions, creating a self-sustaining cycle of innovation and utility.

In the realm of governance, OFN tokens empower holders with decision-making capabilities, further embedding them into the fabric of the Openfabric ecosystem. This access to DAO and governance mechanisms allows token holders to propose, vote, and influence the project's direction, ensuring that the community's voice is central to the developmental trajectory of Openfabric AI. This democratization of influence not only bolsters the project's alignment with blockchain ethos but also assures token holders of their critical role in steering the collective future of AI innovation. Through staking, rewards, payments, and governance, OFN tokens are positioned as the backbone of a platform aiming to revolutionize how artificial intelligence is accessed, utilized, and developed on a global scale.


Openfabric AI (OFN) is a groundbreaking platform that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to democratize access to AI services. Its native cryptocurrency, OFN, serves as the backbone for transactions within the platform, allowing users to access and contribute computational resources in a transparent and scalable manner. The acquisition process involves purchasing OFN tokens through a cryptocurrency exchange and storing them in a digital wallet. Mining OFN tokens is done through Proof of Useful Work (PoUW), which repurposes computational resources for AI development and reduces the environmental impact of traditional cryptocurrency mining. OFN tokens have multiple uses within the AI ecosystem, including facilitating transactions, incentivizing contribution, and empowering token holders with governance rights. Overall, Openfabric AI and its native cryptocurrency, OFN, are at the forefront of revolutionizing the intersection of AI and blockchain technology.