Comparing KuCoin vs ProBit Global in 2024. Which Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Better?

Anton Ioffe - January 10th 2024 - 6 minutes read

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency exchanges, traders are constantly on the hunt for platforms that promise not only a wide array of assets but also a fortress of security and a user-centric trading experience. As we cast our analytical gaze upon KuCoin and ProBit Global in 2024, join us as we dissect these titans of trade to unravel the intricacies of their infrastructures, examine the diversity of their crypto offerings, and scrutinize their fee structures to reveal the true cost of trading. But our probe doesn't end there; we will venture beyond the surface to inspect the lifeblood of any service—their customer support and community engagement—to determine which contender might just tilt the scales in your favor. Prepare for an expedition that could very well redefine your crypto trading journey.

Exchange Infrastructure and User Security: KuCoin vs ProBit Global

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency exchanges, the technical foundations and security protocols stand as the bedrock upon which trust and reliability are built. KuCoin, with its advanced architecture, employs a combination of multi-layer and multi-cluster system infrastructure. This complex structuring not only enhances system stability and performance but also allows for rapid scaling to meet increasing demand. KuCoin's security is fortified through industry-standard encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA), as well as an internal risk control department that oversees day-to-day data operations, all in an effort to safeguard users' assets and information.

ProBit Global, although younger than KuCoin, does not lag in implementing stringent security measures. ProBit's platform makes extensive use of cold storage solutions to ensure the majority of digital assets are kept offline, significantly reducing the exposure to potential cyber-attacks. Moreover, they reinforce their security posture with software and hardware wallets that require multiple forms of authentication to access, aiming to create a robust barrier against unauthorized transactions. ProBit’s withdrawal limits based on verification levels act as an additional layer of user protection, mandating thorough identity confirmation for larger transactions and thereby helping to prevent fraudulent activities.

Both exchanges prioritize user security but have faced their unique challenges. KuCoin was subjected to a high-profile security breach in 2020, yet they responded with commendable transparency and robust measures to enhance their security framework, including a "Safeguard Program" to cover losses. ProBit Global, while not experiencing any headline-making incidents, continuously updates its security protocols and actively educates its user base on best practices for personal security. As both platforms continue to innovate in response to the dynamic threat landscape, users are advised to consider not just the historical resilience but also the proactive measures taken by each exchange to counteract future systemic risks.

Asset Variety and Trading Features: A Comparative Analysis

KuCoin stands out for its extensive list of supported cryptocurrencies, providing users with access to a broad array of digital assets beyond just the major coins. This variety caters to both novice and experienced traders looking for both popular and more obscure tokens. KuCoin's trading features are also particularly appealing to those interested in passive earnings, such as staking, lending, and its Trading Bot, which automates trading strategies. Moreover, KuCoin's Spotlight Platform enables users to participate in token launches, offering exposure to new and potentially promising cryptocurrencies.

ProBit Global, while smaller in comparison to KuCoin in terms of user base, boasts a diverse range of altcoins, often including newer or less-known tokens that might not be listed on larger exchanges. This can be particularly attractive to traders hunting for hidden gems or those looking to diversify into different altcoins. ProBit Global’s unique trading features include customized listings where users can pay to list new tokens and create trading competitions, incentivizing the community to engage with emerging cryptocurrencies.

Both exchanges demonstrate a commitment to serving different trader preferences and styles. KuCoin's strength lies in its extensive asset offerings, innovative passive earning opportunities, and features for new token discovery. In contrast, ProBit Global appeals to traders who prioritize exclusivity and the excitement of early investment opportunities in up-and-coming cryptocurrencies. Despite the different focus areas, each platform provides multiple angles for engaging with the digital asset market, reflecting the versatility and evolving nature of the cryptocurrency trading landscape.

Fee Structures and Financial Accessibility

Focusing on the financial nitty-gritty, KuCoin's fee structure boasts competitive maker/taker fees that are quite appealing, particularly for users engaging in significant volumes of trade. Maker fees and taker fees on KuCoin generally hover around the low end, further reduced by using their native token, KCS. This positions KuCoin as an attractive proposition for active traders looking to minimize operational costs. However, it's crucial to underline potential withdrawal fees, which can vary considerably based on the cryptocurrency involved, sometimes catching users off guard if they don't check the fee schedule in advance.

ProBit Global, in contrast, is lauded for its low trading fees that make it a go-to platform for newcomers and veteran traders eyeing the altcoin markets. Its fee schedule is transparent about the maker/taker model, potentially offering even lower rates than KuCoin for certain trades. Like KuCoin, ProBit Global charges withdrawal fees that are dependent on the type of cryptocurrency, but these fees remain reasonable and competitive within the industry. A careful examination of these fees is advised as they can impact the net return from trading activities.

When weighing the overall cost of trading, it's not just the visible fees but also the subtler, hidden costs that need to be considered. Both KuCoin and ProBit Global score points for financial accessibility, offering a range of investment volume brackets to suit various types of traders. Nonetheless, traders must stay alert to fluctuating fee structures which can affect the trading experience and profitability. Ultimately, the choice of exchange might come down to the frequency and volume of trades, with each platform catering to different trader profiles in terms of financial engagement and accessibility.

Customer Support and Community Engagement

When assessing the responsiveness and efficiency of KuCoin's and ProBit Global's customer support, users report variability in experiences. KuCoin provides a comprehensive support system with 24/7 access via live chat and email, often praised for its swift response times. The quality of assistance seems to be reliable for routine inquiries but can vary when tackling more complex issues. On social channels, KuCoin maintains a robust presence, actively engaging with its user base and regularly updating them on developments and providing educational content. They also incentivize participation through campaigns and competitions, effectively fostering a sense of community amongst traders.

ProBit Global, on the other hand, despite being smaller, has cultivated a dedicated following due to its personalized support. Their approach includes support tickets and email where response times can range from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the complexity of the user’s issue. They have also leveraged their social media platforms to connect with users, though their reach may not be as extensive as KuCoin's. Still, ProBit Global users appreciate the platform's efforts to provide timely updates and engaging educational content that speaks to the interests of its audience.

Moreover, both KuCoin and ProBit Global recognize the value of community engagement, as they actively seek feedback from their users to improve services. This level of engagement is manifest in their continual updates and open dialogue with the community. These efforts are crucial in the fast-evolving cryptocurrency space, where user trust is paramount. The proactiveness of exchanges in maintaining clear communication can significantly impact user loyalty and overall satisfaction with the platform.


In this article comparing KuCoin and ProBit Global in 2024, the key takeaways are that both exchanges prioritize user security through advanced infrastructure and protocols, offer a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, and have competitive fee structures. KuCoin stands out for its extensive asset variety, innovative trading features, and low maker/taker fees, while ProBit Global appeals to traders looking for exclusivity and early investment opportunities. Both platforms prioritize customer support and community engagement, with KuCoin's robust presence and ProBit Global's personalized support earning praise from users. Ultimately, the choice between the two exchanges depends on individual trading preferences and needs.