Market analysis November 18 - November 24 : BlackPearl Token posts a 7100% rally.

Between November 18 - November 24, BlackPearl Token has been mostly bullish as its price has been in the rising mode. The situation on the BPLC market shows that the underlying asset is currently experiencing a period of high volatility. No rise or fall was observed in the market capitalization of the coin during the period under review. No growth or loss has been observed in trading volume on the crypto coin's market.

During the reported period, BlackPearl Token has been swinging for the fences, which resulted in an average volatility of 5500% for the given period. November 18 was the day when the asset was the most volatile, with the volatility going as high as 5500%. On November 24, the coin's volatility was at its minimum level of 0%. When the volatility goes as high as 5500%, the BPLC market tends to be erratic and hard to predict.

There were no gains or losses to the BPLC market on November 18, it remained flat. The 5503% move in the upward direction took place on the second day after the weekly open. BlackPearl Token posted the interim low at $0.00005 on November 20 and then moved up by 45% and peaked at $0.00008. Over the next trading period (on November 21), BPLC was moving up by 20% on the back of a congruous trading volume. After the open at $0.0001, BlackPearl Token moved during November 22 in the range between the said open and the close at $0.00008, having posted the 24H low at $0.00007 and the 24H high at $0.0001. The crypto coin opened the trading session on November 23 at $0.00008 and finalized it at $0.0001; the highest point of price action was at $0.0001, the lowest was detected at $0.00008. Between the 24H high at $0.0001 and the 24H low at $0.00007, the coin was traded in the $0.0001 - $0.00007 price corridor. During the reviewed time period, the asset was able to achieve the weekly high at $0.0001, though at a certain point, the bear pressurized the price down to the weekly low at $0.000001. Traders saw BlackPearl Token covering the $0.00007 distance between the weekly low and the weekly high, which constituted for a 7100% move.

Over the period of the last 7 days, November 18 to November 24, BlackPearl Token saw its average trading volume fluctuate between $455 304 and $338. In order to have a better grasp of the BPLC market, it’s necessary to compare the stats from the analyzed period with those from the week before, when the trading volume had gone from $514 658 to $1 885 260. We can draw a parallel between the change in trading volume in the previous 7 days, which constituted 94%, and the 7100% price shift.

BPLC experienced no change in total market capitalization during the past week. The price of the coin was not changed, with a 0% shift in its total market capitalization. BlackPearl Token market capitalization from the week before experienced no change, as a result there were no price fluctuations.

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Article date: November 24 | November 18 - 24

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