A 35% price appreciation seen on the Cloakcoin market between September 14 and September 20.

The behavior of Cloakcoin last week was characterized by the occurrence of upswings. The price swings of CLOAK pointed to the presence of high volatility. There has been a fall in the market capitalization of the asset during the period under review. The price action of the crypto coin last week took place on the back of decreased trading volume.

The considerable chops and changes in the price of Cloakcoin resulted in average volatility of 54.88%. The highest volatility was recorded on September 14 - it amounted to 54.88%. The lowest volatility for the given period was spotted on September 20 and reached 0.6%. The high volatility of 54.88% points to the possibility of unpredictable and violent price action.

The were dictating the terms on the Cloakcoin market on September 14 - the trading session opened at $0.28. The market sentiment on September 15 stayed as the coin obtained another 15%. On September 16, the market was moving to the downside as Cloakcoin went 8% down from the low at $0.14 to the high at $0.28. The CLOAK market was up as the price shifted by 9% on September 17, against the backdrop of the sufficient trading volume. Cloakcoin finalized the trading day of September 18 at $0.25 after opening it at $0.26, though the price broke through that corridor to hit the 24H high at $0.26 and the 24H low at $0.21. The trading period on September 19 saw the crypto coin forming the price amplitude between the open at $0.25 and the close at $0.21, also interacting with $0.21 (24H low) and $0.21 (24H high). Between the 24H high at $0.24 and the 24H low at $0.15, the coin was traded in the $0.2 - $0.2 price corridor. Over the course of all trading sessions, the asset established the weekly low at $0.14 while buyers managed to push the price up to the weekly high at $0.28. Traders saw Cloakcoin covering the $0.05 distance between the weekly low and the weekly high, which constituted for a 35% move.

As for the average trading volume in the time slot between September 14 and September 20, the Cloakcoin market registered the change from $17.02 to $157. To understand a bigger picture, we need to match the numbers from last week with the week before that, when the CLOAK market had its volume ranging between $364 and $2 439. The 66% change in trading volume in the asset's market, compared to last week, supported the price movement that allowed the cryptocurrency to alter its value by 35%.

Cloakcoin had its total market capitalization change from $1 425 361 on September 14 to $1 249 161 on September 20, the end of the examined time frame. The rate of percentage change for the last week for CLOAK was 12%. The 12% change in the coin's market capitalization affected the price rate that saw a 35% shift in the same time period. The comparison with the Cloakcoin market capitalization seen during the time period September 7 - September 13 that occurred before the observed one, which changed by 55%, from $1 208 346 to $1 868 933, allows us to get a clearer understanding of current market conditions.

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Article date: September 20 | September 14 - 20

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