November 19 - November 25 market watch: Curve DAO Token goes up by 25% as buying pressure persists.

The upward movement of the Curve DAO Token price last week indicates the chosen market is. The situation on the CRV market shows that the underlying asset is currently experiencing a period of high volatility. The market capitalization of the asset has been increasing in concert with the price of the coin. The price action of the crypto coin from last week stemmed from the increasing trading volume.

During the reported period, Curve DAO Token has been swinging for the fences, which resulted in an average volatility of 23.54% for the given period. November 19 was the day when the asset was the most volatile, with the volatility going as high as 23.54%. On November 25, the coin's volatility was at its minimum level of 0.47%. 23.54% is too high a volatility for the CRV market to be considered stable and easily predictable.

There were no gains or losses to the CRV market on November 19, it remained flat. The market sentiment on November 20 stayed bearish as the coin obtained another 6%. The bears dominated the price action during the following trading period as the price drifted 7% to the downside, having established the low for the reviewed time frame at $0.49, while the high was recorded at $0.53. The next trading session was characterized by more price action (as CRV made a 25% move) on the back of the consistent trading volume. Curve DAO Token finalized the trading day of November 23 at $0.69 after opening it at $0.6, though the price broke through that corridor to hit the 24H high at $0.69 and the 24H low at $0.6. On November 24, the crypto coin showcased the following price fluctuations: the trading session began at $0.69 and then traveled from the low of the day at $0.67 to the high of the day at $0.71, closing at $0.69. The coin's market saw no changes on November 25, as the market flatlined. The asset posted the weekly low at $0.41, while the top of the weekly trading session was registered at $0.72. As a result of price action within the designated time period, the price movement range on the Curve DAO Token market was established at $0.13 or 25% between the weekly low and the weekly high.

The trading activity on the Curve DAO Token market over the past week - November 19 to November 25 - generated the average trading volume that went from $37 819 483 to $166 488 979. We can draw the comparison with the period of 7 days that preceded the reviewed one when CRV ’s trading volume varied from $44 904 349 to $78 270 080. The 319% trading volume fluctuation between November 19 and November 25, as compared with the previous period, served as a basis for a 25% price move.

Curve DAO Token had its total market capitalization change from $353 640 176 on November 19 to $439 206 036 on November 25, the end of the examined time frame. CRV experienced a 24% change in total market capitalization throughout the past seven days. The 24% change in the coin's market capitalization affected the price rate that saw a 25% shift in the same time period. In the preceding week, November 12 - November 18, the market capitalization of Curve DAO Token got a 16% adjustment ($417 307 131 to $351 091 839) in comparison to a 24% change last week; this allows getting a deeper insight into the market structure.

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Article date: November 25 | November 19 - 25

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