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DeBio Network analysis February 26 - March 4 : bears in all-out attack as the price collapses by 21%.

The price of DeBio Network was falling last from February 26 until March 4, giving enough reason to conclude that the market is bearish. DBIO has been going through a period of medium volatility, which fell in line with the occurred price changes. No rise or fall was observed in the market capitalization of the coin during the period under review. No growth or loss has been observed in trading volume on the crypto coin's market.

The volatility has been suppressed, as the DeBio Network price action suggests. During the reviewed period, the volatility of DBIO was in the middle register, averaging at 10%. The coin has hit the highest point of volatility on February 26. 0.09% was the rock bottom for the asset's volatility that was reached on March 2. The bulls and the bears appear to be remaining in deadlock as the average volatility of the crypto coin was no higher than 10%.

The bears were dictating the terms on the DeBio Network market on February 26 - the trading session opened at $0.001. The price of DBIO took a 1% up upswing at the open of the weekly trading period. The price action of the coin remained bearish on February 27 as the bears pushed the price down by 3%. The cautious traders dominated the price action on February 28, with the DeBio Network market remaining flat. Over the next trading period (on March 1), DBIO was moving up by 1% on the back of a congruous trading volume. The price oscillation of DeBio Network on March 2 was in the $0.001 - $0.001 range; at the same time, the price stretched out to reach the 24H low at $0.00101 and the 24H high at $0.00105. The activity on the crypto coin's market on March 3 resulted in the asset being traded between $0.001, the open of the day, and $0.0009, the close of the day; at some point, the price spiked to the daily high at $0.001 and briefly dropped to the daily low at $0.0009. The coin found the deepest trough (24H low) at $0.0008 on March 4 and then exploded to the ceiling (24H high) at $0.0009; the price range for that day was between $0.0009 and $0.0008. The price action on the asset's market during the period between February 26 and March 4 topped at $0.001, while the bottom of the price range was established at $0.0008. The difference between the lowest and the highest price points for the week was 21%, as the price moved in the $0.0002 wide corridor.

The past 7 days were marked by a change in average daily trading volume from $130 on February 26 to $217 on March 4. During the week before February 26, the trading volume of DBIO flowed from $3.52 to $189. The 24% change in trading volume in the asset's market, compared to last week, supported the price movement that allowed the cryptocurrency to alter its value by 21%.

DBIO experienced no change in total market capitalization during the past week. The price of the coin was not changed, with a 0% shift in its total market capitalization. DeBio Network market capitalization from the week before experienced no change, as a result there were no price fluctuations.

Mon 27MarchFri 03Mon 27MarchFri 030.000850.000900.000950.001000.001050.000850.000900.000950.001000.00105
Article date: March 4 | February 26 - March 4

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