The torpid ICON had its price rise only by 3% last week (October 31 - November 6).

The price of ICON was rising last from October 31 until November 6, giving enough reason to conclude that the market is. ICX was caught in a period of low volatility, which was reflected in its price action. There has been a rise in the market capitalization of the asset during the period under review. The crypto coin's market experienced a growing trading volume during the observed time period, which fell in line with the price action.

According to our market analysis, the weak price movement of ICON was dictated by low volatility. The data derived from our credible sources shows that the average volatility of ICX didn't exceed 0.68%, which is indicative of weak price action. Despite the overall weak performance, the volatility of the coin had its highest point at 4.22%. The price action on the asset's market was the weakest on November 5 when the volatility was at 0.68%, the minimum for the given period of time. The low volatility of 0.68% means that the crypto coin is weak and incapable of any sizable price swings.

The price of ICX took a 2% down downswing at the open of the weekly trading period. On November 1 the coin market stayed neutral, with no changes in the price. The price range of ICON formed between $0.22 and $0.229 on November 2 as the price traveled 2% down. ICX ’s performance during November 3 was the following: the price increased by 3% in conjunction with the acceptable trading volume. The price oscillation of ICON on November 4 was in the $0.22 - $0.23 range; at the same time, the price stretched out to reach the 24H low at $0.22 and the 24H high at $0.24. The trading period on November 5 saw the crypto coin forming the price amplitude between the open at $0.24 and the close at $0.24, also interacting with $0.24 (24H low) and $0.24 (24H high). On the last day of the reviewed period, the coin was locked between $0.24 and $0.24, though the price managed to puncture these levels to reach the 24H high at $0.24 and the 24H low at $0.24. The asset posted the weekly low at $0.22, while the top of the weekly trading session was registered at $0.25. The price action on the weekly time frame made ICON within the 3% range from its weekly low to the weekly high, while the oscillation amplitude between these price points amounted to $0.007.

Over the period of the last 7 days, October 31 to November 6, ICON saw its average trading volume fluctuate between $5 778 750 and $8 494 413. In order to have a better grasp of the ICX market, it’s necessary to compare the stats from the analyzed period with those from the week before, when the trading volume had gone from $3 897 898 to $11 495 815. The 8% trading volume fluctuation between October 31 and November 6, as compared with the previous period, served as a basis for a 3% price move.

Bitcoin began the observed period October 31 - November 6, with the market capitalization of $209 241 239 and finalized it at the market capitalization level of $213 945 193. Percentage-wise, the market capitalization of ICX has shifted by 2% in the past week. As a consequence of the 2% fluctuation in its market capitalization, the price of the coin changed by 3%. A better understanding of the lay of the land on the ICON market requires a comparison with the preceding week when the total market capitalization of ICON changed by 7% as it went from $196 602 100 to $209 241 239.

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Article date: November 6 | October 31 - November 6

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