Bearish response: The JUST price melts by 3% between November 1 and November 7.

The price of JUST was falling last from November 1 until November 7, giving enough reason to conclude that the market is. The situation on the JST market shows that the underlying asset is currently experiencing a period of medium volatility. The price action on the coin's market translated to the decline of market capitalization. The trading volume on the crypto coin's market has been decreasing throughout the reviewed period along with its price.

The situation on the JUST market allows us to characterise its volatility as mild. During the reviewed period, the volatility of JST was in the middle register, averaging at 5%. The most significant volatility occurred on November 1 and reached 4.4%. The asset's volatility was at its lowest on November 5 when it dropped to 0.28%. The mild volatility during the period of review allowed the price of the crypto coin to remain stable and predictable.

The gains of JST after the weekly open on November 1 amounted to 1%. November 2 saw the coin going another 4% since the open, supported by the corresponding trading volume. The bulls dominated the price action during the following trading period as the price drifted 2% to the upside, having established the low for the reviewed time frame at $0.027, while the high was recorded at $0.028. JST ’s performance during November 4 was the following: the price increased by 5% in conjunction with the acceptable trading volume. On November 5, JUST finished the trading day with no changes to the flatlined market. The trading period on November 6 saw the crypto coin forming the price amplitude between the open at $0.03 and the close at $0.03, also interacting with $0.029 (24H low) and $0.029 (24H high). November 7 presented us with the following price action data: the coin opened the period at $0.03 and went on to establish the low at $0.028 and the high of the day at $0.029 before closing the day at $0.03. The asset posted the weekly low at $0.027, while the top of the weekly trading session was registered at $0.03. JUST bounced 3% between the low of the week and the peak price for the same time period, ultimately creating a price range of $0.001.

As for the average trading volume in the time slot between November 1 and November 7, the JUST market registered the change from $27 455 884 to $39 377 771. Over the week that came before the analyzed time span, the average trading volume of JST ranged between $24 001 690 and $48 695 152. The 7% change in trading volume in the asset's market, compared to last week, supported the price movement that allowed the cryptocurrency to alter its value by 3%.

The total capitalization of Bitcoin at the start of the analyzed time period (November 1) amounted to $257 657 795; by the end of that period (November 7), the capitalization went to $251 039 168. When translated to percentage rate, the market capitalization of JST over the past week adjusted by 3%. While the market capitalization of the coin was altered by 3%, its price has made a 3% change. In the preceding week, October 25 - October 31, the market capitalization of JUST got a 4% adjustment ($250 630 749 to $260 080 384) in comparison to a 3% change last week; this allows getting a deeper insight into the market structure.

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Article date: November 7 | November 1 - 7

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