Tripedia market stayed flat from January 18 - January 24.

Tripedia portrayed neutral behavior last week, with no changes in the price. TRIP was caught in a period of high volatility, which was reflected in its price action. No rise or fall was observed in the market capitalization of the coin during the period under review. No growth or loss has been observed in trading volume on the crypto coin's market.

The volatility of Tripedia was at NaN% on average, which caused noticeable price fluctuations. The peak of the asset's volatility fell on January 18 after it went all the way to NaN%. The quietest period on the coin's market happened on January 24 as the volatility failed to surpass the NaN% mark. The high volatility of NaN% points to the possibility of unpredictable and violent price action.

There were no gains or losses to the TRIP market on January 18, it remained flat. On January 19 the coin market stayed neutral, with no changes in the price. The cautious traders dominated the price action on January 20, with the Tripedia market remaining flat. On January 21, the value of TRIP was in the range, with the market remaining flat. On January 22, Tripedia finished the trading day with no changes to the flatlined market. No changes were observed on the crypto coin's market on January 23. The coin's market saw no changes on January 24, as the market flatlined. Throughout the reviewed time period, no changes were observed on the asset's market. There was no difference between the lowest and highest price points for the observed week, with the Tripedia market flatlining.

Over the period of the last 7 days, January 18 to January 24, Tripedia saw its average trading volume fluctuate between and. We can draw the comparison with the period of 7 days that preceded the reviewed one when TRIP ’s trading volume varied from to. Percentage-wise, the trading volume of the asset changed by 0%, in comparison to the previous period, while its price experienced a 0% adjustment.

TRIP experienced no change in total market capitalization during the past week. The price of the coin was not changed, with a 0% shift in its total market capitalization. Tripedia market capitalization from the week before experienced no change, as a result there were no price fluctuations.

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Article date: January 24 | January 18 - 24

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