Buyers kept pushing the XDEFI market to the upside between August 25 and August 31 as the price increased by 7%.

The upward movement of the XDEFI price last week indicates the chosen market is. The price swings of XDEFI pointed to the presence of medium volatility. The price action of the coin has been accompanied by the increased market capitalization of the said digital asset. The price action of the crypto coin last week took place on the back of increased trading volume.

The unfolding situation in the XDEFI market suggests that the reviewed digital asset is in the stage of mild volatility. The market analysis reveals that the mild average volatility of 10% restrained XDEFI 's price swings. The coin was the most volatile on August 25, when the range of its price fluctuations reached 12.69%. The asset saw its volatility drop to the lowest level for the given period on August 29 as it shrank to 0.86%. The mild volatility during the period of review allowed the price of the crypto coin to remain stable and predictable.

While the overall situation on the XDEFI market was neutral, the trading session on August 25 kicked off at the $0.16 price level. On August 25, the first trading session of the reviewed time period, the market participants saw XDEFI moving up by 1%. The coin market was down by 9% on August 26, the second day of the reviewed time period. During the following trading period on August 27, the price of XDEFI oscillated between the low at $0.13 and the high at $0.15, while the price moved down by 9%. The XDEFI market was up as the price shifted by 7% on August 28, against the backdrop of the sufficient trading volume. The price range of XDEFI on August 29 formed between $0.14 and $0.15, whereas the daily price extremities were $0.141 and $0.149. The crypto coin opened the trading session on August 30 at $0.15 and finalized it at $0.17; the highest point of price action was at $0.17, the lowest was detected at $0.15. Between the 24H high at $0.17 and the 24H low at $0.17, the coin was traded in the $0.17 - $0.17 price corridor. The price action on the asset's market during the period between August 25 and August 31 topped at $0.17, while the bottom of the price range was established at $0.13. The difference between the lowest and the highest price points for the week was 7%, as the price moved in the $0.01 wide corridor.

In the period August 25 - August 31, the trading volume of XDEFI went from $145 744 on the first day of the reviewed period to $260 812 on the closing day. In order to have a better grasp of the XDEFI market, it’s necessary to compare the stats from the analyzed period with those from the week before, when the trading volume had gone from $121 719 to $281 631. Percentage-wise, the trading volume of the asset changed by 434%, in comparison to the previous period, while its price experienced a 7% adjustment.

The total market capitalization of XDEFI during the past 7-day oscillated between $10 965 531, the starting point that was established on August 25, and $11 777 424 on August 31, the end date of the reviewed period. When translated to percentage rate, the market capitalization of XDEFI over the past week adjusted by 7%. The price of the coin changed by 7% on the back of the 7% shift in its total market capitalization. During the week before the analyzed time frame, the market capitalization of XDEFI moved by 9% as it went from $11 817 530 to $10 792 959, and gave a better understanding of the general direction in which this market is flowing.

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Article date: August 31 | August 25 - 31

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