2022-11-23 market stayed flat from November 17 - November 23. portrayed neutral behavior last week, with no changes in the price. The volatility associated with the YFI market was medium, as were its price fluctuations. The asset saw its market capitalization falling over the reviewed period together with its price. There has been a decline in trading volume on the crypto coin's market in conjunction with the price movement.

While the volatility remains restrained, isn't making any explosive moves. The average volatility of 6% was the reason why the price of YFI didn't put up any significant gains. The coin has hit the highest point of volatility on November 17. The asset has been the least volatile on November 21; at this time, the volatility stood at 0.01%. The mild volatility registered on the crypto coin's market over the said period allows us to expect moderate price movements in both directions without significant breakouts.

During the opening day on November 17, YFI has had a 4% move to the downside. On November 18, the price of the coin has shifted by 2% from the daily open on the back of a good trading volume. During the next trading day, the rate of change in the price of stood at 7% having reached the low at $5 947 and the high at $6 409 as the advantage remained on the side of buyers. YFI ’s performance during November 20 was the following: the price declined by 3% in conjunction with the acceptable trading volume. The developments on the market on November 21 started with the price opening at $6 284 and subsequently moving to $6 237, the close of the day, while dropping to the 24H low at $5 810 and spiking to the 24H high at $5 810. No changes were observed on the crypto coin's market on November 22. On the last day of the reviewed period, the coin was locked between $6 162 and $6 104, though the price managed to puncture these levels to reach the 24H high at $6 364 and the 24H low at $6 053. Throughout the reviewed time period, no changes were observed on the asset's market. There was no difference between the lowest and highest price points for the observed week, with the market flatlining. ’s average trading volume on the opening day of the observed time period, November 17, stood at $42 874 343, while on the closing day of the same period, it moved to $40 798 543. A more comprehensive analysis of YFI price action requires the comparison of the trading volume between November 17 and November 23 with that from the preceding week that demonstrated how the trading volume fluctuated between $29 503 669 and $72 241 740. The average trading volume of the asset fluctuated by 12% by comparison with the previous period, whereas the price change of 0% took place over the same period of time.

The total market capitalization of during the past 7-day oscillated between $195 661 841, the starting point that was established on November 17, and $192 328 375 on November 23, the end date of the reviewed period. When translated to percentage rate, the market capitalization of YFI over the past week adjusted by 2%. The said 2% percentage change in market capitalization of the coin was accompanied by the 0% fluctuation in the price of the underlying asset. In order to get a better grasp of the current state of affairs on the market, it’s important to draw the comparison between the reviewed period and the preceding seven days when the market capitalization ranged between $171 896 522 on November 10 and $200 437 007 on November 16, which translates to a 17% change.

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Article date: November 23 | November 17 - 23

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